Some Leaf Action with the Toro 51619

I am not big into yard work, being far more into technology, finance, electric vehicles, I tend to be the indoorsy type. However, when it comes to saving money, I can change my ways.

I have a little under an acre or property that is surrounded by gorgeous trees. The trees have a propensity to littler my yard with leaves. In the past, I hired someone to take care of the leaves, but this year I thought I would try and take care of it myself.

I picked up a Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac leaf blower. Having never really used one before it sounded great, just vacuum up the leaves, bag them, and blow out the hard to reach ones. The Toro Blower arrived and I unpacked it and assembled it with ease. I plugged in a long extension cord and headed out to give it a try.

I will say that in blowing mode, this sucker has a lot of power. It makes short work of all but the thickest piles of leaves, and those just take a few extra swipes to get them to move. It’s loud, but not too terribly heavy or hard to use.

What I really was hoping would make short work of the leaves was the vacuum mode. It isn’t hard to configure if for vacuum mode and it comes with a decent bag for collecting the leaves. What it doesn’t do, is suck nearly as well as it blows. It was really slow going, and the nozzle was constantly getting clogged. I quickly went back to blow mod and used my push mower to bag up the leaves.

It worked really well as a blower, so I am going to keep it and use it for clean up after mowing and for fall leaf clean up, but I doubt I will ever use the vacuum mode. If I was just doing it wrong, please feel free to fill me in.


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