The Purple vs Leesa, a Sleepy Smackdown

Purple GridA few months ago we decided our 14 year old mattress was due for replacement. Instead of going to the traditional mattress store, I started to do some research on online mattresses.

First one I tried was Purple. I really liked the idea of the grid technology they use, like a cool sleeping mattress, and their advertising was fabulous. At first I really liked it, but my wife was not impressed. We both sleep on our side and relatively similar in size, so I wasn’t sure what the difference was. She just said it was too firm. We slept on it for more than two months and used the suggested Malouf Mattress Protector. (Which on another note, turned out to be a a great hypoallergenic, waterproof, and not plastic feeling mattress protector). Even after that amount of time, we still had issues. She still felt it was too firm, and I had become aware of the “grid”, and could feel it while I laid on it–which actually was strangely distracting.

The return process really simple. I just called them and they scheduled a pick up for it. Props to the Purple Mattress company, even if it didn’t turn out to be the right mattress for us.

LeesaWhile I was arranging the return with Purple, I started to do some more research. It seemed for side-sleepers, softer mattresses are recommended, especially memory foam. Memory foam, however, tends to sleep hot, and sleeping cool is important to me. My research lead me to¬†Leesa¬†Mattress. The Leesa claimed to be primarily memory foam but have a top layer of “Cooling Avena Foam”, so after reading lots of positive reviews, we gave it a try.

It arrived quickly and we set it up pretty easily. It comes folded and vacuum sealed in a moderately large box. As soon as you break the seal, the thing expands rapidly. It did have a slight odor to it, but since we immediately zipped into the Malouf Protector, we never really noticed the ordor again. The instructions said it will be ready and “good” in an hour and great in 24 hours. We slept on it that night.

We have only had it a few nights so far, but so far so good. The Leesa is certainly much softer than the Purple, and sleeps nice and cool. At this time, I highly recommend the Leesa for side-sleepers or anyone who likes a softer and cool sleeping mattress.

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