A New Car (or two)?

2013tcMy family has put a lot of miles on our 2013 Chrysler Town and Country in the past few years. Well over 25k miles per year! It doesn’t ride great. It isn’t super comfortable. It doesn’t get good gas mileage. It likes to eat tires and batteries.

It does, however, seat seven. This  is about the only virtue I can give it. As you will find out, I am not mechanically minded, especially when it comes to cars. (I can change a tire and jump start a car, but beyond that, forget it). So now that we are eclipsing 60k miles on the van, it is past my comfort zone. Not being car repair savvy, puts me at a big disadvantage when it comes to dealing with car repair shops.

I started hunting for something that was a lot nicer than the van, sat at least six, and still had reasonable cargo space while at passenger capacity. I checked out the smaller SUV’s that sat six. The Nissan Rogue has a third row, but it barely fits a 5 year old, and there is absolutely no cargo space. The larger Nissan Pathfinder had a bigger third row, but still very limited cargo space with that bench seat up. I also checked out the GMC Acadia line and it’s sister cars the Traverse and Enclave. Much like the Pathfinder, they sat more reasonably in the third row, but very little cargo space.

This brought me either back to the world of mini-vans, or giant SUVs. I checked out the Yukon while I was at the GMC dealer, and even in this size I would need to look at the XL version to find something with enough cargo space. I was floored by the price tag of these behemoth gas guzzlers, they easily topped $80k!

I really didn’t want to go the way of the mini-van. While they are probably the wisest move in terms of passenger space, they still are really mediocre when it comes to cargo space. For longer trips, we still had to put a cargo topper on to of the van to fit all out stuff. I won’t mention that fact that mini-vans have zero cool factor, at least in my book.

So where do I go from here? I considered a full size van like the Nissan HD2500 and the Ford Transit, but these behemoths are overkill. I don’t need seating for 12, and they are certainly not cool, fun or gas efficient. Check out the next post to see what I ended up with. You won’t be sorry!

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